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out it. He told the secret to them and the recipe was passed around. That鈥檚 is polo today.Thin-wrapper steamed stuffed bun (Pitimantuo in Uyghur)It is a▓ kind of steamed bun having mutton and onion as fillings. It is so-called because its w▓rapper is as thin as a piece of paper. First▓ chop the mutton, beef and sheep鈥檚-tail fat into small cubes. Add chopped onions, salt and pepper to make the stuffing. Wrap the stuffing in dough, and▓ put in bamboo

steamer to cook for 20 minutes. The steamed buns are thin-skinned, with tender meat stuffing and very delicious. The Uygurs often eat these together with nang (crusty pancakes) and rice to be eaten with the hands.Lamian Noodles (

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smooth and delicious. The name 鈥橪amian鈥?means 鈥檖ulled noodles鈥? The noodle dough is pulled▓ in a special way to create thinner and thinner strings of dough, and finally, noodles! Then the noodles are boiled quickly and various ingre▓dients are added, including oil, mutton pieces, cooked tomato and chili peppers. Sometimes the noodles are▓ stir-fried along with these ingredients, w▓hich can only be described as a totally different, yet equally delicious taste.YogurtYogurt is a kin▓d of zymolytic dairy products great favored by Uygur people. Throughout the year, Uyghur people of all ages▓ like to drink it.The secret lies in its nutrition. Its nutritive value far exceeds fresh (sheep) milk. It contains many kinds of lactic acids, milk sugar, amino acid, mineral substances, vitamin, enzyme, etc. The protein that it contains is higher than

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that of rice, flour, and▓ meat.Stewed Mutton CubesThis is a Xinjiang dish prepared especially for festivals. Cut mutt▓on into cubes of 500 grams apiece and boil them in a big pot. When they are half done, remove the foam▓; and when they are 80 percent done, ass onion▓s, pepper, ginger slices, carrots, turnips and tomatoes. Then remove and place on a big ▓plate. Put some salt in the stock and remove to a bowl. Before eating the mutton, dip▓ it in the stock.Rice Eaten with HandsThe materials are fres▓h mutton, carrots, onions, vegetable oil, mel▓ted sheep鈥檚 fat and rice. There are more than 10 kinds of this rice dish, mainly mutton, chicken and ve▓getarian, but the most common is the one u▓sing mutton. This food is soft, delicious and n▓utritious. It is

a feature of festivals, funerals and wedd▓ings.Oily Pyram

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idsThis food is a favorite of the U▓ygurs. First, add lukewarm water to flour to make dough, and mix in a little yeast. After one hour, add some water, knead the dough and let it stand for▓ a while. Then divide the dough into sever▓al pieces, daub some vegetable oil on the outside, and r▓oll it out piece by piece. Then daub some sheep鈥檚 ▓tail fat and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on i▓t, and roll the dough. Cut it into sections, and twist ▓the sections into pyramid shapes. Steam the pyramids are eaten together with soup or noodles in soup.Sanzi (Deep-Fried Dough Twists)Sanzi is one of traditional snacks of the Moslems. To ▓make sanzi, use wheat flour mixed with vege▓table oil and juice of the Chinese prickly ash. Knead▓ the dough repeatedly, and then

divide it into several pieces. Pull the dough into thin

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